Wine Accessories
Color and quality

In wine production used a lot of different varieties, the most common of the division into the black (often referred to as red) and white. Distinguished by the color of white, pink and red types of wine. To include a white wine with color from light straw color to amber or strong brewed tea. In pink and red wine so many shades from light to dark ruby-garnet. White wines with age becoming darker tones, and red contrast, fade, as the dyes precipitate or change. The precipitate is not only not a fault of wine, but, on the contrary, is a guarantee that the wine is natural. It will not affect the taste of the product. Sediment appears to 6-8 year after bottling (bottling). In vintage bottles of port sediment appears at 4 year after bottling, and this can be seen as a kind of confirmation of quality. Used to remove sludge decanting process: the wine is poured into a decanter (the decanter), and the sediment remains in the bottle. That is why a bottle of Bordeaux is different from Burgundy. The traditional wine bottles (Bordeaux) has "shoulders", which allows you to leave the sediment in the bottle. Wine accessories.

The quality and maturation of wine are divided into:

no delay;
vintage (the best vintage wines produced in certain wine-growing areas of the same grape varieties, preserving the taste and aroma);
Collectible (wines with a very slow shutter speeds, sometimes reaching tens and even hundreds of years).

Most dry wines older than 40-70 years can not be the gastronomic value. But there is no rule without exceptions. For example, according to Robert Parker, the famous wine critic and publisher of the "Wine Buyer's Guide", some wines from Bordeaux legendary harvests of 1945 and 1947. still in great shape and will live another 10-15 years. In the other provinces of France, Jura (born Jura wine), which created the famous dry "yellow wine" sort of Savannah (born Savagnin), and they can live about 100 years. Collectible fortified wines can live for more than a century and. Absolute survivor of fortified wines - a "Jerez de la Frontera┬╗ 1775 vintage, which is kept in the museum of the Crimean oenological association "Massandra". The collection of "Massandra" survived five bottles of wine. Two of them will be sold at international auctions in the coming years, and three neotkuporennymi remain forever, forever in the collection "Massandra".
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